• Gearbox - Output & Input Solid Shaft

Gearbox - Output & Input Solid Shaft

Brand : FEM
Parallel Shaft Gearbox 12 Sizes


FEM parallel shaft mount gearbox consisted of double stage and triple stage reduction to suit varies kind
of application.lt has varies types of configuration to accommodate different type of mounting requirement.

• Twelve Sizes : 37,47,57,67,77,87,97,107,127, 157,167,177
• Output Shafts - Solid, Hollow with Key/Shrink Disc
• Output Flanges - B14 & B5, Torque Arm
• Mounting - B3, B5, V1
• Input rating up to 250kW
• Nominal torque rating up to 50000Nm
• IEC Adaptor that suit any IEC Motor

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